The 16th GJS Lecture Series was held

Title: Kokoro: The heart of Japanese Creativity
Speaker: Thomas Kasulis (Professor Emmeritus, Department of Comparative Studies, Ohio State University)
Date and time: November 11 (Fri.), 4:00-5:30PM
Venue: Main Conference Room (3F), Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo
Language: English

GJS Lecture Report

The GJS lecture " Kokoro: The Heart of Japanese Creativity" by Professor Thomas Kasulis was held at the Main Conference Room, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia on Friday, November 11. In this lecture, Professor Kasulis traced the various sources of the idea of “kokoro” and “xin” (心) from China and ancient Japan, showing how the term accrued a rich array of meanings and nuances. Then he discussed this idea’s role in a general theory of creativity shared by most Japanese spiritual and philosophical traditions. At the end of his exciting lecture, Professor Kasulis showed how in this age of dehumanizing technology, we can find ways to nourish the notion of kokoro and the creativity it brings to daily life.

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